Wednesday, December 10, 2014

  • Stress is a messenger, listen to it.
  • Consider your pressure a challenge, your coping ability with increase.
  • Meet, greet and beat your stress carefully.
  • There is always benefit hidden behind every event in life.
  • Don't compare yourself with others, you are the unique.
  • Do not repeat your past mistake; past is a cancelled check.
  • Do not worry about the future; future is a promissory note.
  • Do not be jealous, be always content.
  • Do not feel superior, give up your ego.
  • This world is a huge drama. Don't get upset by scenes of sorrow and tragedy.
  • Spare time to help others and your worries will soon be forgotten.
  • When you are ill or facing a problem, be happy, you are simply  paying off past debts.
  • Your critics are instruments to carry you forward, so consider them as well wisher.
  • Do not criticize others behind their back.
  • Do not think of taking revenge. Forgive and forget them.
  • Give happiness to others, never think of giving sorrows.
  • Observe your mind, control your mental traffic and you won't have to waste thoughts.
  • Laughter is an antidote to stress, laugh at your mistakes but not at others please.
  • Surrender all your worries to God and relax.
  • Practice meditation for 15 minutes daily, It will bring peace, bills and relaxation of mind and body.


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