Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Hip-hop" the word hip hop started form the black society. In America due to the domination of white; black people used to spit the words in the form of rhymes to take out their inner anger and started dissing others. They started to wear baggy pants and organized battles between them. They named this art as Hip hop. In today's context hip hop is categorized in four key stylish element rapping, DJing, sampling and beat boxing. Rap is the main key element of Hip hop. Many people have different facts and thoughts regarding the evolution of hip hop despite mentioned from above statement.

Regarding the evolution of hip hop in Nepal  the so called Godfathers GP(Girish and Pranil) were the two guys to sketch the road of hip hop in Nepal .After GP in 2000 Rappaz Union (Sammy Samrat and Nirnaya) created the first Nepalese rap album in English. Nepali hip hop is also called "Nep-hop" and the O.G's of Nephop after G.P were The unity, Nepsydaz , NSK and Madzone.  The first Nepalese hip hop album recorded in the US, for which it was nominated for a Best Music Video award.

There were many new hip hop  songs and new MCs  on the studio during that period. Hip hop has come a long from America to Nepal, bringing out a lot of changes in its element and music. Nep hop artist used to express their feeling of sadness, love and anger in form of rap in a brilliant way which was appreciated by Nepali youths in that period. The problems faced by Nepalese societies due to political reasons were being expressed in the form of rap. Nepalese societies liked the new form of singing because hip hop always spoke the truth although the words in the rap were vulgar and inappropriate to hear. 

But in 2008 there were no raps, and MCs were underground because MCs were compelled to limit their musical boundaries. There were lots of problems faced by Mcs and no hip hop music were sang between 2008-2010. Only old hip hop music were heard during these two years.

On the end of 2010 many artist like Gx soul,  COD, Yamabuddha came up with new songs. On 2011 Kolin Bikram Rana  came up with new project "Raw barz" which was the first rap battle league in Nepal with the help of Yama Buddha. This gave whole new level to Nephop. Many talented MCs who took part in the battle league  like Uniq poet, Laure, Easy 12, Balen etc were respected by Nepalese crowd and youths. Nepalese people living in other countries were influenced by Raw barz and started Raw Barz outside the country too with the help of Kolin Bikram Rana. Raw barz took Nep hop to its limit and gave new life to Nepali hip hop which was going to be drowned.                   

But however credit goes to those talented people who brought rapping culture in Nepal and are always respected by new talents and upcoming talents MCs. Lets hope  by the Nep hop too Nepal will known by the world one day.

                                                                                                          Written by- Binaya Devkota


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  2. evolutions always bring change in societies, but the change might be positive or negative of essay bulldog. this Evolution started from Nepal that express your all kind of feelings via singing song with Rap, and this music is adopted in different countries and especially young generation is fully involved in this. which has discouraged those artists who became famous through their voice.

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