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Albert Einstein ,the theoretical physicist and philosopher of science was born on 14 March 1879. He was the first child of his father Hermann Einstein and mother Pauline Einstein. His father was an Engineer and a Salesman. From his early childhood the little boy used to play with scientific materials rather than toys. Once his father showed him a pocket compass, Einstein realized that there must be something causing  the needle to move, despite the apparent "Empty space".The small boy used to see the whole world in a different way. As his father was a salesman, Einstein had to move from one county to other which caused problem during his graduation. Behind all the odds,in the year 1901 he completed his diploma and became Swiss citizen though he was from Germany . Four years later in 1905, he obtained his doctor degree.

Einstein was nominated as a technical assistant in the Swiss patent office. He was fascinated by science since childhood due to which he went to Germany because he couldn't play with scientific
theories and formulas as technical assistant in Swiss patent office. He was appointed as a professor in Germany. He got citizenship of Germany too but due to political reason he had to leave Germany and migrated to America. In America also he got the position of professor of theoretical physics at Princeton University.

During his lifetime he contributed many formulas, theories which gave rise to modern physics. He introduced special relative theory and explained the photoelectric effect. During his lifetime he
wrote a ground breaking papers on statistical mechanics .Einstein achieved many prize during his life time. In 1921, he achieved  Nobel which was one of the great achievement during his life time.
The present point of view Einstein achievement are very recent: Hence his ideas have had the least time to unfold their impact. In beginning of 20th century he came up with great theories explaining
the universe, but initially its impact on daily life is negligible.

Einstein is the most popular scientist who ever lived and will be known by the universe. The famous formula E=MC^2 appears to be the most truly  famous scientific formula.

On the day of April 18 1955, world lost the great scientist of all time. He was one of the most intelligent Scientist that the world ever got to witness.

                                                                                                Written by: Binaya Devkota


  1. Thanx writer I was searching for short and sweet biography.

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  3. Biography of a great man who left his mark for centuries. Such people can not be forgotten. Thanks for this post.


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