Monday, November 17, 2014

What is being viral these days?

Facebook Apps?

Smart Phones?


None of above.
Nothing is getting as viral as selfie these days.

Self-portrait popularly known as selfie is the tremendous act of this generation. Taking selfies is the most usual behavior of all Homo sapiens today. Every now and then people take the photographs of one self and share it through different social networking sites.

So, why people like self-portraying?

Selfies are usually to kill your boredom. They are taken to mark the occasions along with your presence in the picture. People not only take selfies for entertainment but also to update their profiles with several pictures. That is why you see thousands of peeps having selfie photos as their profile picture; on the external side, all you want to do is depict yourself through selfies.
Selfies have become the prompt and easy way to let others know what you are being or going through. Whenever you meet your group of girls or a gang of boys, your sweetheart family or your irritating relatives, selfies are inevitable.

Though Hollywood cameraman Lester Wisbrod had claimed and proved himself as the inventor of selfie in 1981, to rumor Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is always a commercial man to invent taking selfies. The word ‘Selfie’ was declared the ‘Word of the Year’ by the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. Everybody, the one who own a camera is considered to taking selfies. No doubt selfies have included a new trend of photographing.
So why not to laugh out loud, make faces, look ugly and take selfies? You know the best selfies are captured when you do not try to fake the perfect pose at all.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Written by- Shriluna Shrestha      


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