Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An audible expression of happiness and pleasure. Laughter is a concrete manifestation of inward feelings of joy and delight.it is unique feature of human behavior controlled  by brain that helps human clarify their intention in social interaction , providing an emotional context to conversation. Known as a signal for being a part of a group, generally , it suggests a positive interaction with others and acceptance of issues raised.

According to a recent study, laughter is the only natural way our internal organs get message. It is also a principle element in the digestive process. simply our body needs it.

Another research, recently conducted in the U.S, found that humor decreases the level of stress hormones such as adrenaline, helping in lowering of blood pressure and boosting the immunity by raising the level of antibodies such as T-cells. Similarly, the Stanford university research indicates that a good laugh also makes you alert; helps exercise your skeletal muscles; and stimulates your blood circulation. In fact, 100 laughs a day have the same cardio respiratory response as 15 minutes of riding a stationery bike.

The analgesic effect of laughing has been prominently shown in many studies. This is especially helpful for the relief of chronic pain in arthritis, spine lesions, neurological diseases etc, Doctors argue that laughing activates the secretion of endorphin's into blood. More than that, it is known that laughing is a strong muscle relaxing method, which also relieves pain. Also considered to be method of fighting stress, inhibits the secretion of 4 main stress hormones. Recently Japanese scientists discovered that laughing directly influences glucose level in blood. Indeed, laughter is an inborn, precious and unending "medicine" of which, sadly , many of us are unaware. But this is the time to think and take action.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner comedian:

-Lie on bed and sing a few duets with your partner.

-Tickle your kids.

- Buy some funny DVD's like Mr. Bean, Tom and Jerry etc.
- Send a funny card to your friends . Ha! Ha! Ha!...


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