Tuesday, December 2, 2014

If you are into rock music, there is a great chance that you have probably heard about Pink Floyd. The legendary band from the 70’s who released their latest and the last album The endless river on October 2014. This band has a massive following all over the world and the fans of pink Floyd know about various details of the band. Here are however 7 facts about them which even the most hardcore Floydian might not know about

  1. Bob Klose: The mystery Guitar Player
    Before David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd as their guitarist, Syd Barrett held that position. But there was another guitar player too: Bob Klose played on the group's first demos, before departing for a career in photography. He later worked with Gilmour on his 2006 solo album 'On an Island.'
  2. Psychedelic Music: Really?
    Though Pink Floyd are famous for  the genre Psychedelic Rock: the genre associated with psychedelics( mind expanding drug) Apart from Syd Barret, the other members rarely experimented with LSD.
  3. Roger Waters fears that he would turn to  a drummer:
    Roger Waters came into the band as a guitarist too. But with Syd Barrett and then Bob Klose on board, Waters moved from lead to rhythm guitar and then to bass. "There was always this frightful fear that I could land up as the drummer," he once said.
  4. The Journey to the Echoes:
    Echoes is widely revered as the Pink Floyd’s best stereophonic experiment, however the original title of the song was Nothing, after editing it was named the return of son of nothing after finally being named as echoes.
  5. Desire for enigma:
    During the dark side of moon tour, Pink Floyd specifically hired a person to say NO to interviewers. The idea behind it was to remain enigmatic.
  6. Congratulations: You've just discovered a secret Message
    The bit of gibberish that is heard before the wall is actually the backward masking of the phrase Congratulations: You've just discovered a secret Message.
  7. Nick Mason: Writer?? Strange!!!
    Nick Mason who has not been credited for a single pink Floyd songs is the only one to have been credited as a writer. He released a book on classic cars and Floyd history.


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