Thursday, November 27, 2014

Have you ever halt for a while and think how beautiful you are?
Perhaps, No.

Usually human beings are the one who spend their entire time worrying about the trivial matters which does not matter at all. In accordance with reality, an average human uses only 10% of brain to think.
Therefore, don’t you think it would be injustice if you have never consumed a percent of your brain to think about your concealed beauty?

If you have ever expend your time appreciating what you have got, it will make your day. Alas! Only few people are known to this feeling because, almost every human in the universe is super busy running after the material world and they don’t have a moment to gaze upon their soul. They are slaving at making sins and good virtues. Nevertheless, they make few minutes or hours to complain; to complain about their body types, appearance, popped out eyes, acne, braced teeth, skinny legs, obesity and the list is prolonged. To some scale, they complain because they are obsessed by the changing trends of fashion, perceptions of people around them, afraid of the giggles, commentary. They stress too much resulting every second of stress lessening their clear beauty to doubts. These anthropoids fear to step ahead to take the ownership of their choices. They live in terror of what others might think that pull them back once in a while from earning success, from setting their heart free. They are afraid of being themselves.

Therefore, whenever you doubt your best beauty, magical mind and spectacular soul remember Eleanor Roosevelt’s saying “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. You should know you are beautiful in your way. Once you have sensed this taste, you will learn to lift yourself up, to fly liberal from the cages of others minds, to be a knight in shining armor and to be known by your overall beauty cause you are beautiful, aren't you?

                                                                                              Written by-Shriluna Shrestha


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