Sunday, December 7, 2014


You know i always had a second thought about it.

What is  God? or,
Who is God?
Do they really exist?
Are they really supernatural?
Do they have power to create whatever they wish?
Oh! Such a mess it is. What a ridiculous obsession they possess?

Yeah I know these are the question the every living Homo sapiens or say the living creature on this earth has got. The real problem is that whenever they got on to this earth then they are certain to die so despite of using such a great moment in recreational work we spend them in the devoting to the sacred gods. Now the real question is that are gods really the one who created us? The founder of the universe?  What if they were a fake and those all historical myth were just a novels or a thought of the philosophers? Can there be any other living organism with the DNA similar to ours roaming around the universe? The recent movie on the year 2012 named as the Prometheus shows some of the idea regarding the other creature on universe who formed us using their DNA. The concept of the regarding theme was developed about the decades before and now they are using it as a science fiction. But however they seems to be equally matching because the concept is awesome regarding to the deity’s existence.

The people living anywhere in this world at least think for fifty days for his whole life about god because everybody wants to be winner and none wants to be looser. So they have got faith in god and though remarkably does not achieve anything in life. Now the real sense of god is almost vacant and they possess only traditional and cultural belief. But there are also such people to whom special kind of power comes and they can transform into the dead people (i.e. those who dies due to accident, suicide etc.) And they can be talked and the main reason of their existence can be figured out and the family members can perform rituals to make them happy and they can eventually furnish from the world of dead. But the real discussion is what actually gods are? I simply classify them as the superstitious belief which was created for the means of making people believe in something that really do not exist. And yeah those epics like Mahabharata, Ramayana, etc. are simply an epic and not a real story.

There are no any facts that proves god as still alive and about their supernatural things. But our creator can be the other living beings on universe who created us for some kind of task and had never came back after wards. So there lies only the power of wish and dreams and there are no any sorts of god in the world. We are on the twenty second century where we had splited atom and are still thinking about gods. And no any theory is being created by science in the field of god. So either their lies a hidden secret behind the god concept or the whole thing is just a mess. We the dwellers of earth must find out the truth behind the fact that has always made us curious about gods. We must take one more step to find out what they really are. May be finding out those things can leads us to a new world, new theories, new creation and many more.

                                                                                          Written by: Sundesh Banjara


  1. well done sandesh ! nice article !

  2. Wise for your young age! Free from the myths that support temples among the poor and give food and money to the dead. Free to have compassion and give aid to the poor and those treated unjustly!


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