Wednesday, December 17, 2014

As the wireless technologies steeped up in its own way there was a step at which a cell phone appeared. Cellular phone is one of the fastest growing and the most demanding appliances of telecommunication. Today, it seems that the use of mobile phone represents the status of people in our society. It has grown up as fashion.

When the phone is switched on it listens for system identification code (SID) on the control channel. Control channel is a special frequency where the phone and station communicates. If the phone can't find any control channel, it displays "No network". When the phone receives SID then it compares with the program inside the phone. It must match for the communication. Along with the SID the phone also transmits a request and the telecom office receives the call from the other end and forward it to the respective uses and thus a call is established.

Mobile phones produce radiation whose effects are given below:
  1. Radio wave given off by mobile can heat up tissues having damaging effect.
  2. Magnetic fields created by mobile phones can affect the way that your body cell works.
  3. The international Agency for Research on cancer found a link between childhood cancer and power lines. Like mobile phone, power lines also emit radiation.
  4. Mobile phone users are 2.5 times more likely to develop cancer areas of the brain adjacent to their ears.
Children should be especially careful while using mobile phone. Their skulls are still growing, so it is easier for radio waves to enter their heads. Children cells are also at a developing stage and they tend to absorb more radiation in comparison to adults. This is especially important in brain tissue, because as the nervous system is very sensitive during their childhood development. So children should use their cells for essential calls only for short period only.

"Cell phone virus" one of the dangerous virus that execute unwanted file and infects a cell phone. The first cell phone virus was "Cabir". This detected and found for the first time in about 2004 June. Cabir  deleted all the contact information and all the reminders from the phone. A mobile phone can be infected by a virus from SMS, MMS, internet downloads.

Users started keeping their financial details and information related to persons in their cell phone. But there is great risk of the cell phone getting stolen.

If the phone gets wet then there is a possibility of permanent damage and corrosion of parts. So if cell phones get wet then it must be properly dried before using it. Do not use your cell phones with wet hands, Extreme heat damages the battery and extreme cold can damage the screen display of the phone.

However cell phone is beneficial to the users. Mobile phones are graduating from taking devices to multimedia tools. According to the model of a cell phone one can store contact information, play games, set reminders, play games, listening to music and taking photos beside many other multimedia features. But from different research based articles published in environmental health perspectives, a journal of environmental health science expresses concern that after some decade of daily use a whole generation of cell phone users may suffer from negative effects. According to W.H.O (World Health Organization ) we conclude that exposure to radio frequency wave from mobile phones damages heath of human beings.


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