Sunday, December 14, 2014

April fool's day has been observed since 1567. Formerly April 1 was the first day of the year. In 1564 January 1 was fixed and settled as the first day of the year. The change brought along much confusion to the people. In the course of time, it led to fooleries and practical jokes.

The fooling of each other began in the manner of exchanging false greeting on April 1, which was originally opening day of the year.

In France the fooled person is called "Poisson d' Avril" which means "April fish". This is because the first of the month corresponds exactly with the 'fish' signs of the zodiac. In Switzerland, on April   some bachelors plant trees in the house of the girl whom they love.

April fool jokes were brought to America by the Britishers. Today people all over the world are familiar with April fool jokes!!!


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